Who purchased the advanced Rocket League Trading will have acce

  • In addition to the anniversary of the rocket League game on the occasion, this year saw a lot of support. Psyonix progress is maintained and borrowed heavily from Fortnite battle passes. Sand map recently added to the game, there are some new music. And, of course, the Rockets the league recently got some Jurassic World DLC, including the iconic Jeep from the movie. All this is only their road map plan, which is part of an ongoing.

    Psyonix announced a new way for players to earn while playing the league Rocket Project: Houston through. The system includes a free version and a paid version, each platform will come later, in the summer by a rocket based on the level of reward system, players can enhance their personal data, but by actively earn exclusive cosmetics. Who purchased the advanced Rocket League Trading will have access to advanced exclusive items, including player customization options, players banners, game titles and decryption devices. "Players can engage the Union in the rocket, and each project can also unlock the layers to trade (in addition to the title, this is not the default value).

    Once players complete each pay level they reach the professional level, it rewards paint or rocket rocket Pass.The senior players pass will cost ten keys of the current version of the certification, can be purchased for $ 9.99Players will have to www.lolga.com decide for themselves if it is worth project, which at present is difficult because Psyonix is ​​the price ?? "The total number is still sound level will be passed in the first rocket is available." I expect high prices in each pass through a large number of reasons for the rocket project.