How to know which firms are ISO 27001 certified?

  • ISO 27001 Certification in Netherlands You have a crucial project to develop, and you wish to rent some external partner, e.g., a SaaS company, to form it to the tip. You’ve determined data security to be one among the top-priority criteria that ought to be consummated once deciding that seller to pick out for your screening method. In this case, one among your needs can be certified with the leading data security commonplace ISO 27001 in Netherlands, however, does one apprehend if the corporate on the opposite aspect of the method is truly ISO 27001 consultant  in Netherlands And, even as significantly, however, does one apprehend that this certification is issued by AN commissioned certification body? conclude during this article.

    Request the certification from the seller Certvalue

    Most corporations that area unit certified can advertise this on their web site and in their product/service documentation. This data alone isn’t enough, though. you wish to verify several essential factors of this certification, therefore the opening move is to request this certification from the seller Certvalue consultant.

    Essential data on the certificate

    Every ISO 27001 Certification process in Netherlands certification body has its layout and format of the certificates they issue, however their area unit one or two of key items of knowledge on each certificate. I selected the order below not supported however it's mirrored on the certificates, however on what quantity time and energy it'll want verify. After all, there's no reason to verify each facet solely to search out the certificate terminated a protracted time agone.

    Relevance and usage

    ISO 27001 Services in Netherlands Now you recognize the key aspects to visualize on a certificate, however, what's the connectedness of this data, and the way are you able to use it to make sure validity?


    The first purpose is clear; however, I didn’t wish to omit this step. Your demand is ISO 27001 certification in Netherland, therefore make sure that you probably did receive an ISO 27001 certificate. It might happen that the computer filename accidentally contains ISO 27001, though the content is for a distinct ISO theme. The expiration date, or “valid between” date, shows however long the certification is valid. If this date is terminated, it raises a flag and will be verified before continued to speculate on time in your verification method. The company name and, especially, the address, area unit a key half to verify. Certification is location-specific and doesn't apply to different locations of the seller. once a seller relocates the certificate, it's not mechanically valid for the new location. To verify that the services or merchandise your company can receive area unit delivered by, or factory-made at, that specific address. Every certificate contains the scope of the ISMS. Verify if the documented scope covers your needs, i.e., that the services or merchandise delivered by the seller area unit among the scope of the ISMS.Now that you just have verified that the ISMS and certification area unit among expectations, you must verify the certificate with the certification body. On the web site of the certification body, you'll sometimes notice an internet tool or an inventory with all issued certificates. Use the certificate variety to look victimization the tool/website of the certification body (see the previous step). After you verified the certificate was so issued by the certification body, and it's still active, you must check if the certification body is commissioned by AN certification body. The certification body is listed on the certificate. each country has its own certification body and maintains an inventory with commissioned certification bodies (we can come back to the present within the next section).

    Accredited certification body

    How does one make sure that your certificate is issued by AN commissioned certification body?

    The “International certification Forum” (IAF) maintains an inventory of all international certification bodies that area unit members of the IAF. This list will be found here: IAF Member List. From there, you'll choose the applicable country to then see an inventory of all certification bodies.

    The certification body listed on the certificate ought to be listed here as well; head to the listed web site. Every certification body encompasses a list of certification bodies; the “hardest” half is to appear for the proper section on the web site of your alternative. So, your next step is to travel to the list of certification bodies. viewing the web site from UKAS (United Kingdom Certification Service), as an example, you may at once see a link to the “search” practicality for commissioned organizations.

    Vetting your seller helps you maintain your certification

    Performing your due diligence in vetting your seller can assist you enormously in understanding your vendor’s security stance and the way it's aligned along with your security management system. this can additionally assist you to pass or maintain your own ISO 27001 certification, therefore ensure you document your method and decisions!


    How to get ISO 27001 Consultant in Netherland?

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