How to use Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) for IS

  • ISO 27001 Certification in Portugal  Essentially, OWASP (Open internet Application Security Project) is an internet community developing international open comes associated with internet Application Security. Mainly, it had been created to develop secure internet applications. Most of those comes have documents, guides associated tools which might be helpful for an ISO 27001 in Portugal implementation.

    Why is OWASP thus helpful for ISO 27001 In Portugal? as a result of the most objective of ISO 27001 is that the protection of data and, throughout code development, that's conjointly necessary. moreover, a high range of corporations don’t savvy to shield data throughout code development and OWASP is an excellent tool for that.

    So, let’s see the link between OWASP and ISO 27001.

    Scope and structure of OWASP

    OWASP is targeted on internet Applications in the main as a result of everything is presently online: retailers, supermarkets, TV programs, travel agencies, libraries, etc. Most of the applications area unit coded for the net, and OWASP helps developers to form a secure code by giving them plenty of tools. Most of them area unit free and area unit used for code development method.

    The OWASP consists of the subsequent project types:

    1. Flagship comes (mature projects)
    2. Lab comes (medium level and still operating projects)
    3. Incubator comes (new projects)

    For associate ISO 27001 Services in Portugal implementation, the foremost fascinating comes area unit the Flagship comes, as a result of those area unit finished comes, which implies that they're a lot of stable. These area units mature comes, and their resources (documentation, tools, etc.) area unit employed by corporations round the world.

    ISO 27001 and code development

    ISO 27001 Consultant in Portugal has associate Annex wherever you'll be able to notice 114 security controls. These controls area unit generic, though all have an equivalent objective: the protection of data. So, you'll be able to see controls associated with Human Resources, compliance, providers, IT, etc. Of course, you'll be able to conjointly notice controls associated with code development. (See also: summary of ISO 27001:2013 Annex A.)

    Controls that area unit specifically associated with code development area unit the following:

    A.14.2.1 Secure development policy. this can be associated with the definition of rules for code development. for instance, a rule is to avoid international variables, or avoid some insecure functions throughout the codification.

    A.14.2.4 Restrictions on changes to code packages. they're associated with the changes to code packages. for instance, you must watch out with amendment in associate open supply project.

    A.14.2.5 Secure system engineering principles. they're associated with basic principles involving secure system engineering. For a lot of data thereon topic, check the article What area unit secure engineering principles in ISO 27001:2013 management A.14.2.5.

    A.14.2.6 Secure development setting. it's connected to the protection of the event setting. for instance, solely developers will access to the event setting, and every developer is known by a novel user, the event setting is isolated, etc.

    A.14.2.8 System security testing. it's associated with testing the protection practicality of the system. for instance, if you've got outlined a secure channel to access an online application, you wish to envision if the HTTPS is in situ throughout the access.

    A.14.2.9 System acceptance testing. this can be the performance of some tests before acceptive the system. for instance, you'll be able to use code analysis tools, or vulnerability scanners, and you'll be able to attempt to not settle for a system if it's crucial vulnerabilities.


    Let’s establish however OWASP will facilitate United States of America with these controls.

    The most fascinating OWASP comes for ISO 27001 are:

    Top 10 Project – This project defines a prime ten of the foremost crucial internet application security risks. These will facilitate Portugal to outline a secure development policy and outline secure system engineering principles associated with the management A.14.2.1. in step with the highest ten, we will outline a secure development policy to avoid common technical vulnerabilities (for example Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), etc.). it's conjointly associated with the management A.14.2.5, as a result of we will outline basic principles associated with the secure engineering principles. Application Security Verification customary Project – It will facilitate Portugal to check the appliance and system security, that is expounded to the management A.14.2.8. This project offers United States of America specific documentation that we will use to outline necessities for testing internet application technical security controls. for instance, this project defines necessities to check design, authentication, access management, etc.


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