5 greatest myths concerning ISO 14001

  • Very often I hear things concerning ISO 14001 Certification in Portugal which I don’t perceive whether or not or to not laugh or cry over them. extremely it's funny but people tend to make picks concerning one factor they perceive very little or no concerning – here are the foremost common misconceptions:


    “The customary requires…”

    “The customary wants passwords to be changed every 3 months.” “The customary wants that multiple suppliers ought to exist.” “The customary wants the disaster recovery website to be a minimum of fifty km distant from the foremost web site.” Really? the standard doesn’t say one thing like that. sadly, this kind of false information I hear rather generally – people typically mistake best observe for wants of the standard, but the matter is that not all security rules apply to all or any or any kinds of organizations. and thus the parents that claim typically this can be often prescribed by the standard have presumably never scanned the standard.


    “We’ll let the IT department handle it”

    ISO 14001 consultant in Portugal This is the management’s favorite – “Information security is all concerning IT, isn’t it?” Well, not extraordinarily – the foremost important aspects of data security embody not only IT measures, but to boot structure issues and human resource management, that are typically out of reach of the IT department. confer information security or IT security.


    “We’ll implement it throughout many months”

    ISO 14001 Services in Portugal You could implement your ISO 14001 in Portugal in an exceedingly combine of or 3 months, but it won’t work – you'd only get a bunch of policies and procedures no one cares concerning. Implementation of data security implies that you have to implement changes, and it takes time for changes to want a place. Not to mention that you simply just ought to implement only those security controls that are extraordinarily needed, and thus the analysis of what is extraordinarily needed takes time – it's noted as risk assessment and risk treatment.


    “This customary is all concerning documentation”

    Documentation may be a crucial area of ISO 14001 in Portugal implementation, but the documentation is not Associate in Nursing end in itself. the foremost purpose is that you simply just perform your activities throughout a secure manner, and thus the documentation is here to help you're doing it. Also, the records you manufacture will assist you to reside whether or not or not you attain your information security goals and modify you to correct those activities that underperform.


    “The only sensible factor concerning the standard is for promoting purposes”

    “We do that only to urge the certificate, aren’t we?” Well, typically this can be often (unfortunately) the way eighty you look after the companies assume. I’m not creating an endeavor to argue here that ISO 14001 shouldn’t be used in promotional and sales functions, but you will be ready to boot attain different important blessings – like preventing the case of WikiLeaks happening to you. confer Four key blessings of ISO 14001 implementation and Lessons learned from WikiLeaks: what is specifically information security? The point here is – scan ISO 14001 first before your kind your opinion concerning it; or, if it’s too boring for you to scan it (which I admit it is), talk about with Certvalue agency has some real information concerning it. and verify to urge another blessing, except for promoting. in numerous words, increase your possibilities to make a profitable investment in information security.


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