Variety Of Longboarding

  • Longboards were firstborn from surfboards and roller skate wheels, similar to surfboards/snowboards with wheels. Compared with ordinary Skateboards, it has a longer and wider board surface, larger, softer, and wider wheels, longer endurance, better road adaptability, faster hands-on time, and better operating feeling. The length of the longboard is usually between 33-59 inches (84 to 150cm) and the width between 9.0-10.0 inches (22.8-25.4cm). The main materials include maple, bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber, metal, mixed materials, etc.

    A longboard is also a kind of board sport, but longboard sport is different from skateboarding and is two different sports. Longboard's gameplay is particularly diverse. There is no strict international regulation for these gameplays. The longboard is almost always linked to speed. In downhill, the speed is usually up to 30-120km/h. The current world record is 143.89km/h. The fun of longboarding lies in downhill, slide, drift, dancing, fancy freestyle, obstacle slalom, transportation, etc.

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