The contradiction between the old school RuneScape's bounty hu

  • Bounty hunting is one of the oldest and most popular features in the game. Bounty hunters have been criticized in Old School Runescape. Many professional gold-growing players use bounty hunters to abuse gold coins and undermine the fairness of the game. So it was forcibly closed. is also very interesting for the old school RuneScape bounty hunter world and has done great discounts in RS Gold, which meets the needs of many players for Old School Runescape Gold.

    The design of the mini-game makes it easy to be popular with players, who abuse its mechanics to generate more GPs than available through legal methods. Although there are no serious problems with the mini-games, Jagex believes that bounty hunting undermines other game content and the overall integrity of the game.

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    It will be a long wait before more information about bounty hunting is revealed. Although unlikely, the mini-game may never return to Old School RuneScape. This happens only when Jagex's solution based on technology and rule execution ultimately fails. Regardless of the situation, the developers believe that now is the time to make changes.