Animal Crossing continues to develop a vibrant fashion communit

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons has always been a fashionable community, and families like to share content through creator codes. The social media-friendly nature of New Horizons also promotes fashionistas, who can easily share the day's dress and fashion photos with followers while maintaining the original style of the game. This has always been a booming part of New Horizons fans.

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    Players dress up their island in various ways, a unique island. Then it must start with the decoration of the house, all kinds of furniture, house style and layout must have their personality.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides players with a creative inspiration platform. Many are limited in real life due to insufficient funds. Here you can give full play to your creative talents and show your talents. Maybe you will be like Shiv. As a videographer, I am committed to the pursuit of art.

    Of course, you also need capital in the game world, and you also need to create wealth through labor, grow fruits and vegetables, catch animals and insects in exchange for Animal Crossing Bells, for some players doing tasks may be part of enjoying the game, and For some players, this may just be a means to gain wealth. If you think making money is very time-consuming, you may wish to ACNH Bells For Sale on ACBellsBuy, which is efficient and convenient, and quickly realizes your financial freedom.