Green Arrow Harley Quinn Cosplay Guide

  • Harley Quinn is a super villain of the American DC Comics. It first appeared in the 1992 Batman animation series. It was introduced to comics because of its popularity. It debuted in Batman Adventure.
        As for the reason why Harley Quinn is so popular with everyone, I want to relate to her extremely distinctive and fleshy character.Harley Quinn is a poor, scary, hateful woman who makes men and women fascinated by this role.
        Her real name, Harleen Quinzel, was originally a psychologist who was appointed to treat the Joker, but was attracted by the clown's crazy personality and became a patient obsessed with him. She believed in herself. Fall in love with the clown, so help the clown to lift the imprisonment and claim to be "Harry Quinn."
        If you are also attracted to Harley Quinn and want to show you something different through her,then you still need to look at the following suggestions:
        An exaggerated look
        It can be said that exaggerated and exquisite clown makeup is the first place in the overall shape,she is a unique feature of the Harley Quinn.The blue and pink eyes shadows that are in harmony with the overall shape,highlight their free and unrestrained character,the black love in the corner of the eye adds a touch of wit and charm.Therefore,finding a solid makeup artist will add a lot of points to your overall makeup.
        White double ponytail wig
        The second highlight of the look is the pink,white and blue hairdo with a ponytail.It’s a little cute for the character.
        Blue and red splice colouring jacket
    The jacket is made of bright spandex leather. The color is bright and the color is bold. It is close to the character of the clown woman.Finding such a jacket is very challenging. It should look simple and generous, and you can't ignore the details of the characters. You can find it by looking at our website:Green Arrow Harley Quinn Cosplay Shop.
        The same contrast shorts
    It's very short and close, so you need to make sure it doesn't go out and it's very comfortable.In order to coordinate, the shorts must be the same material as the jacket to enhance the overall look of the entire suit.
        Undoubtedly, the T-shirt must also use the same color system. We chose white and red, using Lycra cotton spandex material to increase the comfort of wearing it.
        The strap is obviously an essential accessory, you can easily find it in many stores, of course we will also provide you with a complete set of services.
        other accessories
        The neck is decorated in golden yellow with the word "PUDDIN" on it, which is another highlight of the clothing mix.One glove is dark red, couples cosplay costumes the two wristbands are dark purple, which is well-matched but does not grab the overall style.
        If you want to bring these clothes together, you need to keep in mind how developers see personality as a guide to your dress. Fortunately, there are many stores online, hottest cosplay costumes you can consider a complete set of carefree Harley Quinn clothing. If you have more money, you can also consider buying tailored clothing based on your size.