Angry "Madden 21" users demand the National Football League (NF

  • For years, EA Sports has wanted to criticize its annual football video game. However, high sales and a strong PR department mean that there is no mainstream opposition or a blow to the company's profitability. At the same time, this has not affected the enthusiasm of game fans. My friends are still waiting to find a satisfactory website to buy Madden NFL 21 Coins. They don’t want to spend time searching in the game anymore. The time spent is always not proportional to the income. .

    However, players are getting more and more fed up, and their anger against "Madden 21" is leading to a breakthrough in 2020. The game’s Metacritic score is the worst ever, 0.4/10, and in the past few months there have been many better products that have led to a national anti-EA trend on Twitter.

    EA has exclusive rights to NFL simulation games, which means that it has no console games. Due to its restraint in the market, it faces accusations of becoming lazy, in the eyes of critics, this has caused the company to stop making meaningful improvements, make sloppy programming mistakes, and fail to recover what existed more than a decade ago The franchise model function. It has since been deleted.

    On Sunday, people flocked to Twitter again to blow up "Madden 21." Fans begged the league to terminate the partnership with EA, which caused the popularity of "NFLDropEA" in the United States.

    Some people used Sunday’s trend to post some basic flaws and malfunction examples in "Madden 21". Others have nostalgia for the glorious years of the mid-2000s, when football video games were considered the most cutting-edge and fun games. I think now is no exception. Many players still like this game. They are still willing to spend money and energy to Buy MUT 21 Coins. This is a benign process and is beneficial to subsequent development.