NBA 2K22 ratings predicting top draft prospects

  • There are some talented players about to participate in the 2021 NBA Draft. One of them is Cade Cunningham, who is expected to have an immediate impact in the league. However, this begs the question, what is his NBA 2K22 ratings? Not only him, there are other top prospects. This course is so good that NBA 2K21 has added them to the MyTEAM package! We can use these cards and some information about the players to predict their NBA 2K22 score and how 2K will evaluate them. 

    So let's start to predict the NBA 2K22 ratings for the prospects of the top five prospective rookies in the 2021 NBA Draft. Putting any other rookie prospect before Cade Cunningham is a kind of injury. The 6-foot-8 point guard, the small forward has visited the Detroit Pistons and signed a multi-party endorsement agreement with Nike. He averaged 20 points per game in his final season in college basketball and hit 40% of his three-pointers.

    Followed by Jaylen Green, who played in the NBA G League last season. The 6'5 shooting guard averaged 17.9 points per game. Considering that he may be the most "NBA-ready" rookie in the eyes of many teams, Green playing in the NBA Development League has greatly helped his draft pick. An important step backward in ratings, 3 points behind Green, we expect Evan Mobley to land. NBA 2K22 MT is the most direct way for you to unlock more players.

    Suggs will be Gonzaga's 6'4 guard and will be an important addition to any team. However, he is a player who is not ready for the NBA. He is still young and needs time to grow, but as time goes by, his score will definitely increase. Cummins is another player in the NBA Development League. He is on the same team as Jalen Green. Cummins may be the player who surpasses Sagus in our expected ranking. This is mainly due to the physical fitness and 16 points per game as a winger. You can also acquire many super skills by 2K MT.