Path of Exile has inspired fewer and fewer players on Steam

  • The new update is different from the past: With a new major update, the popular "Hack'n'Slay Path of Exile" usually always attracts a large number of players, but this time it is not as effective as before. It is seen by numbers.

    Why does Path of Exile lose players? Among other things, the many newly updated nerfs may be the culprit in this situation. When an object, character, or similar is weakened in an update, someone will mention POE Currency. In addition, it is said that with the update, the game becomes more difficult. The developers talk about "going back to the roots" and making the game harder again. This is already a polarizing topic in the announcement. When the controversial update was released, players seemed disappointed.

    Does this affect the score? Especially many long-term players are not enthusiastic about the update. At present, Steam’s evaluation of Path of Exile is still good, that is, it has dropped from "very positive" to "mostly positive", but it has never been so negative about the game as it is now. It is especially worth noting that all long-term players will write negative reviews. There are only two players on the first page of the review who have played less than 1,000 hours. Players with POE currency have a longer total game time.

    How bad is that? If you look at the total number of players in Path of Exile in the past year, the number of active players is still higher than before the update. On average, you can even improve in the past 30 days. However, it may look different within 30 days after the update, but this remains to be seen. Many players are currently looking for ideas about how bad nerfs actually is. This is especially obvious when the number of players decreases rapidly after the update peak. However, the number of players Buy POE Currency is still on the rise.