Madden NFL 22 overview post-release reconnaissance system overh

  • Over the years, EA Sports has invested in the franchise model for the first time in Madden NFL 22 and is making some major improvements to the model. Scout is a frequently requested update that will be added after the release of the real-time service update in September-this seems like a big improvement. If you like recruiting and training new people, you may want to watch EA Play Live Spotlight above.

    Although the video does spend a lot of time reviewing things we already know, such as changes in the user interface and the addition of game planning, the new reconnaissance system is the star of the show. When you build a profile of the person you want to draft, you will send scouts to observe the young people. However, there is an additional layer of strategy: the more you pay attention to the players, the more media coverage they get, thereby increasing their visibility. Madden 22 Coins can help you get more characters.

    Therefore, it is difficult to keep the talent unnoticed, which means you may have to buy MUT 22 Coins to ensure you get your role. This seems to be a huge improvement to the existing system-spending points every week to discover the benefits of each player, which will definitely increase the depth of the team building aspect of the franchise model.

    Now players are waiting for the release of madden 22, and witty players have begun to prepare enough madden 22 coins. As long as players have enough coins, they can unlock their favorite characters in the game and form their own team. If you also want to have a strong play in the game, you can also hurry up and prepare.