Path of Exile 3.15 expansion pack will shock meta game

  • Grinding Dear announced that it will reveal its game's Path of Exile and the next expansion of the league at 10 o'clock tomorrow night. Although the trailer video hints at new mechanisms and features, the creator promises that the "style" will impress the meta game.

    Of course, this can have multiple explanations. This may mean that the ability to dominate metadata so far, such as Earth Blast, Earthquake, Blade Vortex, Bladefall, and Blade Blast, may change or weaken. Or, we may see some Ascendants and passives changed. If the developer follows the same pattern established so far, then what you like will be weakened, so start looking for a solution.

    It should be interesting to see if there are any changes in the playoffs, especially the 3.14 patch introduced several new game POE Currency methods. Or add new abilities, regions or more; this may be one of the biggest updates in the game. Please pay attention to more details in the coming days. The Path of Exile expansion 3.15 will land on the PC on July 23, the console on July 28, and various patch notes will be announced on July 20. For news about Path of Exile 2, we also invite you to refer to this article.

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