Different paths of character construction in Path of Exile

  • Eldest Souls is different from many other Boss rush games. Although its core is an independent game, it also has a diverse and healthy progression system. The influence of games such as Dark Souls and Demon's Souls is undeniable, but Eldest Souls managed to become its own game and also offers a lot of customization in terms of construction. Game Rant interviewed Jonathan Costantini and Francesco Barsotti, the founders of Fallen Flag Studio, to discuss their work in Eldest Souls and how its in-depth and complex character customization process was formed.

    Two different paths can help players make full use of the characters in Eldest Souls. The first includes the talent tree and its branch options, and the second is what the developers call "injection system". In terms of the complexity of the construction and how players find a large number of interactions, Eldest Souls is not much different from Path of Exile, and the talent tree can be changed to try Buy POE Currency before meeting each boss in the game. Coincidentally, Costantini is also a loyal fan of Path of Exile, and particularly likes the role-building process provided by action RPG.

    Then there are fragments, just like the talent points when the player successfully kills the boss. These are very interesting because they are the physical manifestations of the corresponding Boss abilities. They can be used as independent abilities, depending on the boss linked to the fragment, or they can be injected with other basic abilities and actions. Injecting fragments creates a very unique and interesting interaction that can be achieved through basic evasion and regular melee attacks used by players in the game.

    Eldest Souls has about 10 bosses, combining unique fragments with all the options provided by each talent tree. And the possibilities are endless. This is no different from Path of Exile's skill tree and esoteric skill gem system. Players can choose to POE Currency Buy. All in all, Eldest Souls is often very addictive when it comes to building and finding new strategies. Different ways to deal with annoying bosses.