NBA 2K22 release date and leaked cover

  • Like every year, the NBA 2K franchise seems to be the victim of some leaks. The special edition cover and release date have indeed been posted online. As the NBA Finals is about to begin, the Phoenix Suns have just qualified for their third finals this season. Historically, they will face the Milwaukee Bucks or the Atlanta Hawks. The first leak of the 2022 version of NBA 2K just happened, just a few weeks before it was announced.

    Therefore, we will be eligible for special editions of the three legends of the sport, including current Nets player Kevin Durant, Dallas iconic player Dirk Nowitzki, and finally Karim Ah. Abdul-Jabbar, he is the sport's scoring record holder. They spent nearly fifteen seasons on the Lakers jersey. NBA 2K22 MT can get many star players.

    As this leak shows, given that 2K Sports is accustomed to launching basketball simulation games in the fall, we should see NBA 2K22 landing on Friday, September 10, which is a reasonable release date. In any case, full NBA 2K22 MT can bring you the best game effects.

    If this time the leak, NBA 2K22 will also appear on the older generation of game consoles, which is not surprising, except for PC, PS5 and Xbox series. We should find the answer as soon as possible, because NBA 2k21 was announced in June. Therefore, it is urgent to formalize the presentation of this new work, cover and various supplementary content in an appropriate form. Buy NBA 2K22 MT to give yourself powerful skills!