The Path of Exile Ultimatum will not be the core

  • June 30, 2021 14:30 Matthias Brückel-another path of exile is coming to an end. Ultimatum brings disappointment and fun to players. But after the alliance is over, it will not enter the main game as a permanent mechanism-the developers have explained the reasons for their decision.

    After each league in Path of Exile, a question arises: Do developers still retain special mechanics? This usually depends on popularity, but it also depends on aspects such as balance and clarity. With the ultimatum league coming to an end, the developer GGG revealed that the league will not become the core at this time. In other words, it is not included in the base game. They also revealed why this happened.

    Developers generally like to fight with the trial master, but now they are too messy. Too many monsters are generated in a room that is too small, and too many things happen at the same time. They want a more tactical and less overwhelming experience. In addition to the game itself, the rewards must first be more balanced before the ultimatum can be adopted. Too many POE Currency will still be dropped at the end of the encounter, and the price provided by the exam master should actually be an incentive. Developers will have to close the "project well" and make up for this by Buy POE Orbs.

    In the official POE subreddit, the response was quite positive. Many people are happy that developers have not adopted every alliance mechanism, emphasizing that the ultimatum has no ritual for project selection. Others hope that developers will simply bring back elements of the ultimatum in the future, such as the struggle with exam masters. Some players have never seen this kind of boss encounter, because the chances are too slim.