3 professional tips for the career of the Templars in the Path

  • If there is a class in Path of Exile that is marked as "Novice", it is the Templar. Intermediate players realize that the Templars have the ability to protect themselves from physical and magical attacks, and can cause damage from two sources. This seems to be the perfect course. However, experts have witnessed the big players getting tired in the middle of the game because they didn't realize that the Templars had to be very careful when building them.

    Although a templar can theoretically ignore and cause any type of elemental damage, the lightning damage bonus is closest to the starting point in the skill tree, so the templar can be closer to home and focus on other needs. Shock Nova is a great POE Currency that can destroy enemy monsters. Lightning twists give him and flashes to improve mobility, while anger passively increases lightning damage. If this evidence is elusive, don't be afraid to learn how to trade to try to obtain these gems.

    Debates about the best Ascendancy in the game are common, and there are some advantages to looking at these types of hierarchies. However, for the Templars, these three options are all valid, but only one may fit the player's style. Inquisitor is the most comprehensive, because it increases elemental damage, increased critical strike rateand some tanking. If you feel that the spell needs more power, the priest will help with mana and damage. Guardians protect allies, so if group games continue to happen, this is the way to go.

    The Templars are a simple profession in a complex world. Learning how to rob is not a trifle, but the Templars are very powerful. Although success largely depends on the player's ability to resist the enticing summons described by furry items. For most of the active spell gems he uses, there is almost no mana consumption and a health pool that is almost negligible due to defense. The best thing the player can do is to Buy POE Currency and intelligence equipment, because these will improve his most Good performance.