Madden NFL 22 quarterback deserves attention

  • As the game world awaits the official release of Madden NFL 22, fans of the series should pay attention to some players. Some names will enter the NFL. Obviously this takes a lot of time. Former Clemson Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence is undoubtedly the first choice of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and will undoubtedly become a quarterback worth watching for Mackenzie in the 22nd Rugby League. Of course, his ratings will be similar to those of Joe Burrow earlier this year. Considering how much NFL scouts love him, the rookie season of the Cincinnati Bengals.

    Maybe it's because he ended his football career in Alabama. Because he pointed to the scoreboard: Jones had 77% of passes, 4,500 yards completed and 41 touchdowns, with only 4 interceptions. However, all these numbers may translate into Madden Rugby 22's pretty good ratings. When he displayed his merchandise in the game, the official scout's combine harvester. The scouts were also indifferent to the former Crimson Tide signal caller. It will be interesting to see where he is in the initial rating.

    Zach Wilson, along with Mike Jones and Trevor Lawrence, became the most popular rookie guard in the NFL and Madden Rugby 22. Compared with Jones, Wilson and Lawrence have more in common because he is expected to become the New York boss. The Jets immediately started the quarterback, although the young former Brigham Young guard will have a good season with the Cougars. But his performance in the air is not as good as Jones. Wilson completed 73.5% of his passes, completed 3692 yards, 33 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. He is also very flexible, rushing for 254 yards last year and 642 yards in his three-year college career. MUT 21 Coins can help you easily obtain these characters.

    All of this means that he may have a good shooting score, but he will also have quite good statistics in terms of running. It needs to be carefully observed that Madden NFL games often do not give such a high evaluation to many rookie quarterbacks. Considering that the Jets' support lineup will not be very good, he may be relegated because of his not-so-good rookie season expectations, even if he himself seems stable enough. Buy Madden Coins is the best way you can play steadily in madden.