Bo Jackson and Lawrence Taylor return to Madden 21 Ultimate wit

  • Bo knows Madden! Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Group 16 brings the largest Bo Jackson offense and Lawrence Taylor defense in history. Both players will get 99 brand new Ultimate Team universal cards with upgrade features. In addition, some limited cards will be offered this weekend. One is to commemorate the recently retired kicker and Adam Venatiri, who may be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    The latest Ultimate Team content offers impressive options and provides gamers with the best cards in the game. Just recently, we saw four other Golden Ticket players, including the powerful security guard Carl Banks. Now MUT has won two of the greatest players in history in Madden. Bo Jackson made Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Group 16 headlines with his new 99 total score. The MUT 21 Coins are the key to obtaining these players.

    Before the release of Ultimate Legends, the best Bo card in the game was his 96 OVR Ghosts of Madden card. However, the new professional UL project has an overall score of 99, a speed of 99, a breakthrough tackle of 99, a truck transport of 99, an acceleration of 98, agility of 97, and a change of direction of 96.

    To complement Bo's popularity in Madden, they added a popular defensive star to him. Lawrence Taylor (Lawrence Taylor) returned in the UL series with a 99 OVR score, and previously won 91 OVR in The Legend. In his updated professional version of the project, he obtained 99 powerful moves, 97 accelerations, 96 fine moves, 96 blocks, 95 tackles, and 94 speeds. You can also become stronger by Cheap MUT 21 Coins.