Madden 21 Ultimate Team adds Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and o

  • The first round of the 2021 NFL Draft began yesterday. The first round is full of exciting draft picks, some headaches and many surprises. There is no doubt that the Jacksonville Jaguars selected former Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick in the Finals. But what will happen in the subsequent draft is anyone's guess.

    These players will be the future of their respective teams, but fans don't have to wait for Madden 22 to be released. To celebrate the NFL Draft, EA has added Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Trey Lance to Madden 21. These three characters can be used in Madden Ultimate Team, and MUT Coins can easily obtain these characters.

    Trevor Lawrence is the player with the highest scoring of the three guards. But everyone has expertise. In addition to these three, EA also drafted Kayden Pitts (TE), Jamal Chase (WR), Jaylen Wadle (WR), Pensey Seville (LT), Jay Horn (CB) for the 2021 NFL Draft. , Patrick and other first round trials added options. Both King II (CB) and Devonta Smith (WR) Serrant announced the final "crazy" 21 EA team, each earning 98 MUT points.

    Probably the remaining first-round picks will also be added to Madden 21 Ultimate, especially those who have just entered the top 10. Justin Fields dropped out of the top ten before choosing him in the 11th place in a bear market trade.  Not yet shown for MUT. Mac Jones, who was selected 15th by the New England Patriots, also did not disclose. EA chose not to announce "Madden 22" on the first night of the NFL draft, but they may still reveal it sometime this week. Or they might make us wait a while before revealing the cover athletes of this year. Buy Madden 21 Coins can give you a head start.