Path of exile: why witches are the best class

  • The witch course in “Path of Exile” represents the best experience that the game must provide and is ideal for beginners and experts. The character customization option of “Path of Exile” has over 120 skill points and can explore over 1,200 nodes, which is second to none. For large-scale passive skill trees, it is important to choose a POE Currency with good attribute consistency.

    With its main intellectual characteristics, the witch can reach the powerful casting node faster than anyone else, thus proving her status as the first choice course for beginners and veterans of the Path of Exile. In the process of witch reign, wizards, elementalists and mystics all have significant late game potential and various offensive and defensive abilities, which can help create the perfect body for your character.

    Unlike other games, skills are not locked to every character, but are linked to skill gems; however, because the main statistics and the location of the path tree are different, it is still important to choose the best category . The player has a significant advantage in intelligence and should choose a switch to easily access the caster skill node. Combined with the enormous amount of early game damage provided by the witch class, choosing a witch is essential to complete the action as quickly as possible.

    The higher intelligence provides the witch with an extremely flexible energy shield, allowing the switch to absorb damage more effectively than the ranger or the Templar. Energy shields can limit the needs for healthy growth of characters and are an ideal solution for players who cannot use magic.

    The Eldritch battery is an independent keystone correction. Buy POE Currency to keep mana, so it further helps to keep mana and makes witches the first choice for making glass balls. With powerful magical abilities, witches can also effectively play supporting roles for other roles. With three rock-solid upgrade advantages, Witch can keep any game style you choose.