Will Madden 22 be made public in this week's NFL draft?

  • The NFL Draft is coming. On Thursday, April 29, the first round of the NFL 2021 draft will begin, so we are only one step away from the arrival of Madden 22. As I wrote earlier, EA usually uses the NFL draft as a platform to announce the latest installment of its annual football franchise. Although not always announced at actual events, the latest Madden games are usually announced during or shortly after the game.

    Last year's 2020 NFL Draft was held on April 23. A few days later, EA officially announced Madden21 on April 27. It took several months until we actually saw how Madden 21 played, but we did understand that Lamar Jackson would be a screen player during the initial announcement. Madden 20 was announced on the first day of the 2019 draft in April. EA revealed that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a screen player and announced the release date in August, but did not show the gameplay on EA Play until the summer. MUT Coins allow you to unlock your favorite characters in madden 21.

    EA is likely to officially announce Madden 22 at this week's NFL Draft, which will start on April 29. If it does, you want to know who the screener is, but don't expect to see any actual gameplay. If Madden 22 is not released this week, I hope we will see some content in a week or at the latest this summer. It is worth noting that this may be the first Madden game to consider next-generation technology first. Although Madden 21 was released on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, it was first launched on the latest generation of consoles. Buy Madden 21 Coins to seize the opportunity.

    If EA needs more time to ensure all preparations for the next generation of products, then EA may have to wait a while before announcing Madden 22. It won't damage too much, but GameStop has previously revealed that Tennessee Titans guard Derrick Henry may become Madden 22's screen player. If you have any favorite characters in madden 21, you can easily get them with madden 21 coins.