Some updated changes of Path of Exile: Harvest

  • The harvest also brings the usual items and skill updates. There are twelve new unique projects, which can provide powerful advantages for your build, but always cause some trouble. One of them is the unique armor of Doryani's prototype. By absorbing POE Currency, it brings you more lightning damage. You will carry powerful debuffing effects everywhere, which may also put you at a disadvantage around enemies attacked by strong lightning.

    Melee weapons have also been updated, and skills are constantly increasing and improving. Melee "slam" skills, new combat skills and new brand skills will be added or adjusted to increase efficiency and make them more attractive for your next version.

    The changes to update the skill tree may be greater than other things. In a recent update, Delirium added cluster jewelry to expand, developers added new trapezoidal distortion and significant passive skills to support the new skills, I am looking forward to seeing its changes.

    I played a lot in the current Delirium Challenge League and I am happy to report that it has been added to the core game. The encounter rate of this content is lower than the integrated content of the past, but cunning players will be able to increase the chance of encountering.

    If you haven’t tried the path of exile, then it’s free, without any free tips and nonsense. You can't spend money to buy stronger characters in any way. You have to make money in this action RPG, crack the'n' slash loot game with multiple categories for you to play, collect a lot of loot, and risk reward mechanism that makes the game addictive.

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