Pe Gasket Manufacturers Introduces The Purchasing Method Of Sea


    Pe Gasket Manufacturers introduces the purchase requirements of seals:

    1. Working pressure: high pressure, low pressure, with or without hydraulic shock, with or without pressure holding requirements.

    2. Workplace: indoor or outdoor, with or without dust, heat radiation, and chemical pollution.

    3. Working temperature: ambient temperature, temperature rise, with or without a cooling system.

    4. Movement speed: fast or slow movement speed. A very high movement speed will cause lubrication problems, and a low speed will cause problems such as crawling.

    5. Installation conditions: if the installation conditions are good or bad, the seals that do not require tools for installation or that do not require high technical requirements for the installation workers should be selected.

    6. Stroke length and frequency: Short stroke and high frequency will cause sealing lubrication problems. Long strokes have special requirements for the eccentricity resistance of the concentric seals of the machined parts.

    7. Working hours: length of working time, intermittent work, continuous work.

    8. Working medium: select a sealing material compatible with the medium.

    9. Hydraulic cylinder placement: horizontal placement, vertical placement, and inclined placement. Horizontal placement and inclined placement need to consider the influence of lateral force on the seal.

    10. Sideload: The sideload has a great influence on the lips of the seal. If there is a side load, a guide ring must be added and a seal that is resistant to lateral force must be selected.

    11. Machining parts: the materials of the machining parts, the matching tolerance, smoothness, hardness, chamfering, and rounding of the contact surface of the sealing parts.

    12. Installation: The sealing lip is the most important part of the seal, and it is soft and easily damaged. All installations need to consider not damaging the lip, not twisting or straining the seal, and not deforming the seal forever.

    Through the above introduction,Mist Pump Box Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.