Top Samsung Grow Light With Meanwell Driver

  • Top Samsung Grow Light With Meanwell Driver
    Samsung diode create better canopy light penetration, Less light decay, better lumens, and PAR values than ordinary LEDs. And can bring higher energy conversion and a longer life.
    The benefit of a Meanwell LED driver is the guaranteed quality of the manufacturing. While an LED system needs an LED driver, settling for anything less than a quality driver sets the LED and the manufacturer back.
    ECO Farm High Effcacy 660W 180° Foldable Samsung 561C+ Osram Chips Dimmable Commercial [url=]LED Grow Light Strip[/url]
    ECO Farm dimmable commercial hydroponic light strip suitable for all kinds of indoor plant at all growth stages of growth such as seedling, germination, vegetative and flowering. This grow lamp helping indoor plants growing faster, healthier and stronger.
    Providing plants with excellent full spectrum, optimize plant growth in indoor/greenhouse environments from seeds to harvest. The dimmer knob is featured to control the light spectrum's intensity from 0% - 100%, easily adjust the light intensity at liberty.
    This LED grow light helps to get 50% higher yield harvest performance and save lots of costs. Remember to properly adjust the height and brightness accordingly to plants desired level for optimal growth.
    Long lifetime and high efficiency LED grow lights promote seed germination and growth etc. The greenhouse seedling lights for plants can be used for grow tent, grow box, balconies, darkroom, grow room, indoor gardening and so on. It is suitable for almost all plants.
    High efficacy (2.6 μmol s-1 per watt)
    High output for high intensity
    ETL/DLC Certificate
    Top bin LEDs
    Balanced, full-spectrum light output
    0~10v dimmable,Customers can adjust PPFD to meet the growth needs of plants at different stages.

    180 degree foldable,Convenient transportation and save transportation cost.
    ECO Farm 480W [url=]Quantum Board[/url] Adjustable Cycle Timing UV IR LED Grow Light
    Full-Spectrum light for better results.
    Allow your plants to thrive in the most optimal indoor growing environment and Keep your flowers growing at a steady rate.
    IR UV are separately controlled.
    Adjustable Cycle Timing design.
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