Best Samsung LED Grow Light For Indoor Plants

  • Best Samsung LED Grow Light For Indoor Plants
    Samsung LED grow lights were quickly becoming the industry leader. That type of widespread adoption could only result from superior performance, and Samsung certainly provided that. The Samsung units were outstanding in the quality of light they produced, the long lifespan of the units, and the results seen in the production process.
    Today you're getting a review of the best LED grow lights that you can currently buy.
    ECO Farm ECOX 480W/600W/800W/1000W Dimmable Samsung 301B Chips High Efficiency [url=]LED Grow Light[/url]
    ECO Farm ECOX series dimmable three channel dimming light strip is more suitable for indoor plants whole grow stage. The dimmer knob to adjust according to the needs of the plants, in order to obtain perfect growth performance, which enhance high yields to obtain the ideal harvest.
    Easy to install, high energy efficiency with 2.9umol/J
    ECO Farm ECOX light uses full-spectrum white samsung 301B diodes, 660nm deep red diodes, 730nm IR diodes, 395nm UV diodes, which provides desired needs for plants seedling to harvest growth with full spectrum led grow lights and provides better light-spectrum coverage, maximum PAR output at various distances.
    ECO Farm led grow light makes your home grow life quiet, and this growth lamp used reliable driver and high effective aluminum heat sink to ensure heat dissipation and long lifespan.

    ECO Farm ECO Net Series 680W/1000W Fordable LED Grow Light With Samsung 301B Chips
    [url=]LED Grow Light[/url]

    ECO Farm ECO-Net Series 680W/1000W provides highly efficient spectrum with a healthy red-to-blue ratio to drive photosynthesis Light energy between 500-599nm, which penetrates deeper into the plant canopy promoting photo morphogenic responses. High color rendering "white" light aids to rapidly identify potent al threats to your crop and provides superior working conditions and safety for personnel. Ideal for both flowering and vegetative production.

    Harvest Skynet·180°folding design, low shipping cost and easy installation .
    Excellent heat dissipation structure design.
    Al6061 alloy allows high temperature resistant and corrosion resist a·
    Full - spectrum meets every stage of plant growth .
    High PPE up to2.73-2.75umol/J.
    Sustainably double yield
    By deploying a vertical farming cultivation system, We can increase the yield per room from 100-125 pounds per harvest under HPS to 200-250 pounds per harvest under purpose - built horticulture LEDs, while only increasing power consumption by five percent .
    Achieve faster cycle time
    Bench turns are faster as crops mature in eight weeks, instead of nine, which will result in 35 additional days of cultivation per year.
    Provide increased uniformity
    When compared to HPS, the LED lights are delivering more energy to the lower portion of the plant canopy which is resulting in higher yields for our customer, with notable improvements to flower size and weight throughout the canopy.
    Higher energy efficiency conversion compared to HPS- grown medicinal plants, and terpene production increased 11 percent on average under LED.

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