Why do some 4g lte trackers always locate at LBS?

  • In order to ensure that the locator can maintain real-time positioning, many locators nowadays will set dual-mode positioning or three-mode positioning. For example, some dual-mode locators will set GPS+LBS positioning, as long as the locator is located in a place without GPS signal position, the positioning device will automatically switch to LBS positioning to ensure that the locator can always obtain position information.

    4g lte tracker showing LBS localization

    In this case, why some 4g lte trackers do not realize GPS positioning but always display LBS positioning?

    If the locator always displays LBS positioning, it means that the machine is located in a location without GPS signal, so the locator can only continue to use the base station positioning mode to help us locate the position.

    However, it should be noted that the LBS positioning accuracy of the locator is immediately affected by the density of base stations where the device is located. If the base station where the device is located is relatively rare, the positioning accuracy of the locator is relatively low, and the error value of the locator will be larger.

    However, if the locator always shows that the LBS position remains unchanged, it is also necessary to consider whether the locator is offset or the GPS module is damaged. If the locator cannot receive the signal due to the offset, you only need to adjust the position of the locator. If the GPS module of the locator is damaged, it is best to contact the manufacturer immediately and send the locator back to the manufacturer for maintenance.

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