A brief analysis of the correct use of temperature humidity gps

  • With the development of science and technology, locators are widely used. For temperature humidity gps tracking, it is very necessary to master its correct use method. Then the following is an analysis of the correct use method of temperature humidity gps tracking.

    1. GPS positioning terminals are divided into: wiring models and installation-free models;

    The installation methods of these two temperature humidity gps tracking are also slightly different. The wired version of the tracker needs to be connected to the power supply of the vehicle to work normally for 24 hours; while the installation-free tracker can usually be fully charged at one time according to the battery size of the tracker. And decide the number of standby and use days;

    2. The activation method of GPS positioning terminal is:

    1. Install a SIM card for temperature humidity gps tracking;

    2. Fully charge the locator/or connect the power cord so that the locator has power and can be used;

    3. Take the vehicle or locator out for a period of time, and the locator can be activated;

    3. The operation steps for installing the SIM card with temperature humidity gps tracking are as follows:

    1. Open the back cover of the locator or the SIM card slot plug of the locator;

    2. Install and insert the SIM card correctly according to the picture on the locator;

    3. Close the back cover or the slot plug;

    Fourth, temperature humidity gps tracking power-on operation mode:

    1. Wiring locator: If you know electricity, you can install it yourself. In fact, you only need to find the positive and negative poles of the car power supply. The negative pole is very easy to find. The place where the body is grounded is the negative pole, and the positive pole is found in the fuse box. Find it nearby or directly connect it to the battery; you can also ask relevant technical personnel to install it.

    Matters needing attention: It is better to connect to the normal power supply, which is not affected by the car key switch. The power cord is directly drawn from the car battery; With the internal GPS antenna, it also needs to receive satellite signals 20,000 kilometers away;

    2. Mounting-free locator: Connect the charging cable of the locator to the locator and plug it in to start charging. When the locator is fully charged, the charging indicator of the locator will change color or stop flashing;

    Matters needing attention: Different types of temperature humidity gps tracking charging indicators display different ways, so you can operate according to the instructions of different types of locators. After completing the above steps, the tracker can be activated for normal use.

    Therefore, regarding the use of on-board gps terminals, the correct use of the above methods is very critical. We must master these methods to avoid unnecessary failures in the use of temperature humidity gps tracking.

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