How to use 4g gps tracker?

  • How to use the 4g gps tracker? Now more and more users use the 4g gps tracker, and the 4g gps tracker also brings great convenience to people's travel, but now it also highlights a problem, some users are concerned about the 4g gps tracker I don't know much, I don't know how to use 4g gps tracker. Let's take a look at how to use 4g gps tracker.

    1. Install 4g gps tracker SIM card

    Open the back cover of the locator or the SIM card slot plug of the locator, insert the SIM card correctly according to the card picture on the locator, and close the back cover or the card slot plug. When inserting the card, be sure to insert the card when the device is turned off, because if the card is inserted when the device is turned on or connected to the power supply, it is easy to burn the SIM chip.

    2. Install 4g gps tracker

    If it is a wired 4g gps tracker installation, the 4g gps tracker should be connected to the positive and negative poles of the car power supply and the ACC line, that is, the key switch line. The advantage is that the real-time locator can be used without restriction when the power supply of the car is uninterrupted; the disadvantage is that the installation location is limited and it is easy to find. In case of unlimited installation, this type of GPS positioning device is an ultra-long standby 4g gps tracker. The installation does not require wiring and can be installed by yourself. The advantage is that the installation is convenient and concealed, does not need to be connected to the electricity, and there are many installation positions; the disadvantage is that it is battery-powered The power impact cannot be located in real time. Generally, the user uploads the data regularly in combination with the actual settings.

    3. Log in to 4g gps tracker

    We must follow the instructions and follow the prompts, download the GPS positioning platform APP, connect to our 4g gps tracker, enter the account number and password, and query our vehicle; to prevent too many metal objects from affecting the use of the locator.

    4. Check whether the 4g gps tracker is successful

    After we have installed the 4g gps tracker, we drive out and test it. The car must keep a constant speed and drive slowly. After a period of time, the car’s 4g gps tracker will display the data.

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