NPT Thread Fittings Company Presents Details On The Use Of Hex


    NPT Thread Fittings Company introduces Hollow Hex Plug is a steel pipe with an outer hexagonal cross-section, which is a kind of special-shaped steel pipe. It is mostly used for processing nuts and mechanical parts. Hollow hexagonal steel can be divided into ordinary carbon steel heterogeneous steel pipe and stainless steel hexagonal pipe because of its material. Hollow hexagonal steel, this name is also based on the classification of the opposite sex tube, mainly according to the overall shape of the specific classification. Steel is mainly the stainless steel used, and the material of stainless steel is also required, such as 201, 304, 304l, 306, 306l, etc. There are also specifications for hollow steel, such as wall thickness and round pipe.

    Hollow hexagonal steel has a wide range of uses, and we use it a lot in our lives. The hollow hexagonal steel is made into tools that can be drilled. The desks and the like used in our lives are made with these tools. Yes, our computer desk needs to be punched. Only after punching can the line be brought over, so that it is convenient for us to use. The hollow hexagonal steel pipe has a thick wall thickness, small middle hole, high mechanical strength, deep furnace opening, low material consumption, low oxygen consumption, and low cost. Due to its excellent functions, hexagonal steel is widely used in various building structures and projects. Structures, such as mines, railways, underground engineering, metallurgy, coal mines, water conservancy projects, ships, warehouse shelves, etc.