Solar Wall Light Company Introduces The Installation Characteri

  • Today's landscape lighting is an indispensable tool in urban landscaping. It has made a great contribution to beautifying the city and facilitating night travel. Landscape lighting fixtures are a type of industrial lighting fixtures. Below, Solar Wall Light Company will introduce the installation techniques of landscape lighting fixtures.

    1. Regulations on ground resistance. The requirement for solar landscape lighting in the industry is that the ground resistance cannot be greater than 2mw.
    2. Precautions for height and specifications. When installing industrial lighting fixtures in urban streets, you should pay attention to the height and size of the lighting fixtures in the city night scene. In particular, it should be safe at height and will not cause any impact on passing vehicles.
    3. Possess special performance. Industrial lighting fixtures used for urban landscape lighting must have many advantages in life, be able to adapt to long-term high-intensity lighting work, and also be able to save energy. It has the function of preventing wind and sun. It must be stable in work performance, and the durability and precision of internal parts can meet the needs of daily life.