Low Voltage Light Factory Introduces The Details Of The Use Of


    When designing a street lights lighting system, choosing energy-saving appliances can effectively save energy.  At present, white flag lights and high-pressure mercury lights with high luminous efficiency but less energy consumption are more conventional choices. However, it is better to choose solar lights made by Low Voltage Light Factory because of their reasonable light distribution and high luminous efficiency, which can improve the power factor and reduce the loss of solar energy.

    The use of solar energy lights can save a lot of electric energy first. At present, most roads are filled with more and more vehicles and pedestrians who need lighting systems at night. The activity time of many people has increased to midnight, so if you choose solar energy lights, you can save a lot of electric energy.  However, due to the limited illumination in some places, solar lights cannot be used all night long, thus the power supply is insufficient.

    No matter whether it is a solar light that needs to be used all night or a solar street light that needs to be used in the middle of the night, one side of the street light cannot be turned off. Although this method does not need to increase investment and can save some money, the lighting quality is very poor.  It is better to select some of the lights on both sides for intermittent lighting and light-off so that the method of lighting and light-off at intervals will have very little impact on the quality of lighting.  However, it is necessary to add another one that lights up in the middle of the night. The amount of investment involved will increase.

    Generally speaking, the load of road lighting is very dispersed and the power supply is far away. When selecting wires, the voltage loss is relatively large. If the power-saving device reduces too much voltage, the normal operation of the second half of the road light may be affected. However, if solar lights are selected, this problem can be avoided. Each road light is an independent whole and is powered by its own power supply. The influence of the circuit on the overall lighting need not be considered.

    After using the electricity-saving device, the overall economic benefit is obviously improved, and the influence can be seen when using solar light. The electricity-saving principle of the solar light mainly lies in that it reduces the loss of electric energy and more converts light energy into electric energy by itself, and if selecting the solar light, it is not necessary to lay a very long circuit, because each light is independent and does not need to be connected by a circuit unless the local solar energy is insufficient, it cannot meet the use requirements of the solar light.

    Through the above introduction, Solar Motion Sensor Light Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.