Solar Lights Company Introduces The Use Of Garden Lights


    In most garden lights that use fluorescent lamps as the light source, the light dimmer is applied to make the light reddish, covering the directly illuminated objects with a layer of yellow. Especially for green plants, it will show a kind of psychology. Distorted and lose the original vitality. According to the differences in the natural environment of the garden landscape, the intensity of the garden light should be selected appropriately. For example, at entrances, city squares and other abortion centers, yard lamp manufacturers understand that there are sufficient and sufficient compressive strength of lighting fixtures; while in quiet walking trails, only general lighting is required. Gentle and relaxed lighting effects will make the natural environment of the garden landscape more peaceful and comfortable, close and pleasant. All garden lights should be uniformly and reasonably arranged in indoor lighting, so that the intensity of the lights in the composition of the garden landscape is both symmetrical and fluctuating, and has the effect of expressing the rhythm of the boundary line of light and darkness.

    In addition, avoid discomfort in dark corners. Solar Lights Company is courtyard light pole body is a very critical part of the major establishments, so which materials are good for the courtyard light pole body? The pole type of courtyard lights is roughly divided into three types: aluminum courtyard lights, iron courtyard lights and steel courtyard lights. The three processing techniques are different, the mold, the construction period, and the complexity are also different, and the actual effect is natural. It's not the same. The number of colorful filters or color LEDs is as small as possible, because the light projected by them will cause a sense of frame loss, and the green plants will lead to certain types of unreality. Naturally, the sea blue filter is an exception. It can remove the yellow tint in the fluorescent lamp and turn the light into a happy blue and white light.

    A small filter or other notes can make a huge change to all the garden landscape, which must be paid attention to in the design plan. The chromaticity of the lighting effect depends on the theme activity and its safety. Too bright or too dark will cause discomfort to tourists. The lighting design especially should pay attention to glare. Hiding the lighting fixtures in the flowers can show the necessary lighting fixtures without causing glare.

    Through the above introduction, String Light Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.