The Lost Ark Island Guide: The Island Run for Tier 1 Materials

  • This time, you have the opportunity to earn so much gold that I don't even know where to begin; this is an island, you can come to the second floor, you can start farming, and then on the second floor with keys, and then when you reach the third floor, you can buy those boxes; remember that those boxes; these books can be sold, so you can sell these for 200 gold each; plus, for 1000 gold, you can also buy purple books. This time, you have the opportunity to earn so much gold that IYou are able to purchase legendary books and purple books. In addition, you can purchase honor storm and live lip storm on the second and third floors of the building. Is it actually of any use? It's really quite incredible. Unfortunately, because my Internet connection is not very stable at the moment, I am unable to enter the game. However, I do have some recordings, and as a result, 437 gold is currently being sold at the honor of the market price leap storm.

    I find it hard to believe that the cost of a live stream is 187 gold. If you look at the special exchange that sell Lost Ark gold have here, you'll see that buy Lost Ark gold safe (see game gold) can trade 50 pieces of jumping stones for one live stream. You should keep the purple ones because they are extremely rare, but you should sell the blue ones because you can get a bonus of one thousand gold from doing so. This legendary special skill gym is now available for us to trade here as well. Therefore, this is an extremely successful farm because in just one day I was given 1200 unique small exchange projects. Because you will almost certainly want to get started on this project once you have reached the second tier, this island has been given the name "pain island."

    To found a settlement on this island, you do not have to be 1100 years old. You will find some tasks labeled yellow while exploring this island. This is a task that belongs in the yellow chain. On this island, the routine tasks of daily life are now very easy. He demands that you either collect items or kill monsters to the tune of one hundred counts. As soon as you make it to the second floor and begin carrying out daily tasks, you will find that each daily task awards you with a dungeon key. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, I will provide you with a synopsis of this particular set of dungeons. Since you can enter this dungeon after reaching an equipment level of 1100, you can assume that it is not a challenging dungeon.

    At that time, I had not yet reached 1200. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete now. After you have defeated the final boss, the game is actually quite simple, but there is one detail that you need to pay attention to. Because there is only one antibelief, there is also only one task; therefore, what you want to do is, whenever the boss produces these small explosion monsters, you don't want to kill them; rather, you want to lead them here. If you allow four of them to blow up the door here, you will open a secret channel, which will give you a hidden task. As a little something extra as a thank-you, allow me to demonstrate how to do this. You will be able to call forth monsters as soon as the boss reveals his face. You need to entice monsters to come here so that they can detonate themselves against the door. You are able to open the door once you have allowed all four monsters to explode on the door. After you have defeated the monster, you will receive a reward of some kind. When you do this for the first time, you will initially receive approximately 300. You are able to complete this mission, so that is a positive development. Be very careful, but other than that, this is a very straightforward beverage to make. The only drawback is that if you leave the location and then return, the box will reset. Here, you can see that I killed the bus and obtained a lot of trophies here, so the trophies dropped on the bus are items from the money exchange store, so the trophies here are red balls here, so what I want to show you is that it is here, so you can see these red balls for exchange, just to let you briefly understand what is happening now, Here, you can see that I killed the bus and obtained a lot of trophies here, so the trophies dropped on the busOnce you have entered the building and made it to the second floor, the next thing you need to do is make your way to the anchorage island. After you have finished the task for the gold chain, you will be able to access the daily task. After you have unlocked the daily task, you will be able to speak with this NPC, and she will request that you eliminate some monsters.


    After you have successfully defeated these foes, you will be able to retrieve this unique purple key once per day


    • Because the dungeon requires a key in order to be entered, you will only be able to access additional resources if you complete this task once on the third floor

    • The most important thing for players who are currently on the second and third floors is to finish these daily tasks each and every day, especially Get the key

    • This provides you with a substantial amount of materials, which in turn will provide you with a significant amount of value

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    I did it. He also stated that the manager had misplaced an additional piece of material, so you are required to review his work. The boss, you are going to kill a special collection project and unlock more skill points. So just don't make sure you find this monster, because not only does she lose a lot of exchange value of these collection items, but she will also give up some game end items that you want to get more skill points. If you do find this monster, make sure you don't make sure you find it, because not only does she lose a lot of exchange value of these collection items, but she will also give up some game end itemsI am extremely grateful to Xeros for sharing this information with me because it is useful for supporting players.