Animal Crossing New Horizons Updates Controversial Patch

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons' new update brings a popular cracking method in which players force ordinary trees to endure things other than fruits, such as fossils or the most notable fragments. Want to get a better gaming experience, get rid of repeated activities, Buy Animal Crossing Bells on ACBellsBuy, you will get an unprecedented excellent experience, we will serve you.

    This move follows a highly controversial moment in the animal crossing mania, where players share "dream addresses" with each other, allowing fans to access their saved version of the island. It is worth noting that visitors will report to Nintendo that the player cheated the island with the star-shaped tree fragments to Nintendo. Caused the destruction of Dream Island, and even canceled the online link. Some people claimed that they were harassed or bullied by YouTubers viewers because they also reported the hacked islands and therefore made the game.

    The reported phenomenon makes some people in the community feel uneasy because this kind of hacking is only seen as a cosmetic decoration. Players who invade the game know they are breaking the rules, but because Animal Crossing lacks competitiveness, many people think it is unfair for Nintendo to restrict their games. In other words, some people make money by distributing star trees, because most people cannot get them without running a modified version of the game.

    According to those affected, the former star tree is now an ordinary money tree. Although Nintendo has unexpectedly taken this move, Nintendo has allowed similar hacks in previous games, such as Animal Crossing: New Leaves, but it should at least prevent people from competing for reported islands.

    According to Nintendo’s instructions, the patch also addresses other issues:

    Fixed an issue. After Menghuimeng returned to his island, the bright soil disappeared, and the buried bell appeared at that location.

    Fixed an issue where the player would swing a spade in the air when trying to hit a rock placed in a specific location. is an excellent service provider in the Nook Miles Tickets industry and has been committed to providing excellent services to players. It is really convenient to Buy ACNH Bells.


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