King Tut mini-games are popular in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently added a very unfortunate mask, wearing it will trip your character. In theory, such a loss of control may sound frustrating, but for animal crossing fans, escape is definitely a function. I am very happy that every update of Animal Crossing adds some surprises. As a partner of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, we have always been committed to bringing you the best service. If players Buy Animal Crossing Items in our store, you will be better Enjoy this excellent game.

    Social media posts revealed that New Horizons players are using King Tut masks to enhance mini-games, such as player competitions. The rules are simple: usually, the referee counts down, and when the signal disappears, people first try to reach the finish line. Since trips are random, it adds surprises and suspense that you cannot avoid. The act of just being with the other side suddenly becomes very interesting.

    It seems that the only limit is your imagination. In the lively video of Kang Gaming below, you can see the mask of King Tut also appearing in the musical chair game. He smiled as he watched the cursed antics unfold and said, "They are like little babies, learning to walk."

    The King Tut phenomenon is very different from what you have seen in other multiplayer game franchises such as Super Smash Bros., in which tripping can be controversial and sometimes undesirable. Fans of crossing animals are now excited about the prospect of the luck system. This kind of luck may make the villagers hate you sometimes. They are indeed another kind. At the same time, this update has more content waiting for players to explore and get more content. You can follow, and you can also Buy Nook Miles Tickets in our store, which is very convenient and affordable.


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