Rock Paper Sock: Sokpop's tribute to Runescape

  • The Dutch independent boy group Sokpop often makes MMOs by themselves. However, this time, they attracted this boutique video game site by nickname two-thirds. The Rock Paper Sock released earlier this week is a deconstruction of Old School Runescape. It uses three simple weapons (a rock, a piece of paper, and a pair of scissors) to dig swords and witchcraft. This is really interesting and worth trying. If you want to Buy Runescape Gold, RSGOLDB2C is also worth trying.

    Jumping blindly, to my surprise, Jagex’s ancient browser MMO has entered the latest version of Sokpop-from soft isometric landscapes and sheep bones buried for extra XP, to statistics (Rock, Paper and Scissors respectively), and find new worn-out clothes. There were sheep to kill, the fairies dangling on the bridge, RPSock was even covered by the bloody stone circle by evil wizards, which made the trip to Varok a nightmare.

    But the real charm is that Sokpop's MMO surprisingly pointed out that Jagex's ancient MMO nailed the nail. Look. The battle of Runescape has always been pants. When blindly throwing dice, apart from the skill number to improve, stab is rarely used, and the decision of slash or stop is meaningless. The obtuse and puzzling angle. Rock Paper Sock is actually a game of rock, paper, scissors-but in a sense, I feel I will be able to control the situation.

    I really believe that I will play mind games with this virtual sheep, and I will do my best for it. You don't have a thumb, your ridiculous ungulate. I know you can't cut scissors. Give up before embarrassment. Rock Paper Sock is priced at £2/$3 on or as part of a collective $3 per month Patreon. Now with Sokpop, Sok can put their games on Steam, hoping to appear here in the near future. RSGOLDB2C brings you the latest news about Runescape. You can follow us and Buy RS3 Gold in our store, which is great.