Animal Crossing: New Horizons Very Useful Mod

  • If you have played Animal Crossing: New Horizons at any time, you may be tired of "I caught the bass! No, wait—at least C+!" The bass is so common that many players start to hate the poor ocean Residents, the latter often deceive people into thinking that they may have found rare fish. But what if you don’t have to see another perch in Animal Crossing anymore? The more you continue, get the solution. Learn more about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Buy ACNH Bells, follow ACBellsBuy.

    These are the power of mods, such as the power of SmuggestGirl, which completely eradicates green cockroaches. "Thank you, not all heroes wear cloaks!" said one commenter on the mod page. Another person said: "It is now a shark, all of them are squid, olive flounder, and red snapper."

    Interestingly, there is a completely opposite mod. SmuggestGirl seems to be the cause of confusion because they also developed the "only perch" mod, which made all other fish species extinct. So far, six brave souls have downloaded it.

    On the more useful end, there is also a mod that can color-code the fish, so you know what will happen. Normal fish are yellow, while larger/sparse fish are red and purple. This way, you won't be surprised when you drop the reel.

    Unfortunately, unless you are running a modified Switch or playing a simulated version of the game, you cannot experience any of these adjustments. The creators of Animal Crossing are constantly adjusting so that gamers can get a better quality of life, which brings not only the difference in potential experience but also surprising. This article is provided by for you, and players can also Buy Nook Miles Tickets in our store to help you liberate your time and get better gaming experience.