Allow for a sloppy finish at the ends of your hair

  • In the shower, lather on a rich conditioner that contains silicone (any ingredient that ends in the letter cone), such as Paul Labrecque Curly Condition; spread it on from roots to tips and leave it on for five minutes before rinsing it out completely.  Then get ready for conditioner number two, which will be as follows:Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb and style with a leave-in formula such as Ouidad Moisture Lock to keep it looking healthy.  Leave-in conditioner should be applied an inch away from the scalp and worked down to the tips of the hairs.  According to cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer, leave-in formulas deposit a uniform film of moisturizing polymers on the hair, forming a humidity-resistant barrier. 


    In order to achieve the most flattering cut, Garren recommends that you maintain two or three inches of length throughout your entire head and that it be cut to mimic the shape of your face.  And, whatever you do, avoid using a razor on your skin because it can roughen the cuticle and cause frizz to appear more pronounced. 

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    Inquire about layers that begin at your chin and angle downward, all the way around your head, if possible.  Good examples include Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker.  According to Chris McMillan of Chris McMillan, The Salon in Los Angeles, the cut is excellent for curly hair because it helps support the coils and keeps them looking as long and full as possible.  However, be careful not to cut your shortest layers too short, as this can result in poufy-looking hair.  If you want to avoid fluff, real hair wigs Jimmy Paul of the Bumble and Bumble salon in New York recommends starting them at your collarbone to avoid it.

    When possible, shampoo your hair as infrequently as possible: every other day if your hair is very fine, or once a week if your hair is extremely thick and coarse.  It's fine to simply rinse it with water on days when you don't wash it, says McMillan.  Use moisturizing products that contain ingredients such as shea butter, palm oil, or avocado oil when you need to lather up on a chilly day. (Our favorite curly shampoo is Aveda Be Curly Shampoo, which contains a blend of aloe and wheat protein that shrinks around ringlets as they dry, reducing frizz.

    Phyto Phytokarité Ultra Nourishing Mask is a favorite of ours! The conditioners in the mask coat the hair and seal the cuticle to keep moisture out (which helps to prevent frizz), while the keratin in the mask strengthens the hair so that it can withstand further damage.  Maintaining the cuticle of each strand so that moisture in the air cannot enter is the next step in frizz-free hair.  Smoothing products that are water-based, such as Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment for Fine and Light-Colored Hair, are ideal for fine hair because they won't weigh it down.  Choosing a silicone-based texture for medium- to-thick textures is a good idea because it will smooth and seal the cuticle, keeping moisture out.  Damage Therapy Frizz Control Taming Cream by Dove is a favorite of ours!

    It is possible to blow-dry curls and cause them to become fuzzy and puffed beyond recognition, resulting in an unrecognizable appearance.  That's why McMillan and his fellow stylists recommend that, whenever possible, you avoid using heat and instead focus on hands-on styling.  Showering first and squeezing out all of the excess water is a good starting point.

    A diffuser aids in the distribution of airflow, ensuring that human hair wigs dry evenly and retain their shape.  Following completion, a one-inch iron can be used to refine the spirals and keep them shining.  To get tighter curls, wrap less hair around the iron, and to get looser human hair wigs, wrap more hair around the ironBecause curly girls are bombarded by products that are hard to style, Keneesha Hudson, the owner of Atlanta's Urbanbella beauty boutique, explains that the market is flooded with hard-drying gels that make real hair wigs stiff.  Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Spray Gel is another soft curl definer that we adore. Apply styling lotion to damp hair and allow it to dry completely before continuing.  Once the hair is parted on the side, take face-framing sections of two inches and twist them back toward the nape of the neck.  Pin in place with bobby pins, then gather the rest of your hair and start twisting it into a low bun, pinning as you go.