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    However, even though it can help to disguise the effects of wholesale hair vendors loss and restore some sense of normalcy, a natural-HD lace wig can cost up to $ 300 depending on the length. It is unquestionably an additional expense for people who may already be struggling to pay for medical treatment.

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    We at Curlyme color hair wigs for black women, a leading human highlight wigs online wig store, are committed to empowering women in their pursuit of diverse beauty and providing them with the short hair styles products they need to feel confident and beautiful at every stage of their lives, with premium quality, unrivaled craftsmanship, and trendsetting capabilities.

    Statistics show that approximately 65% of people who receive chemotherapy will experience chemotherapy-induced color hair loss. A study found that patients' self-esteem and privacy were diminished as a result of chemotherapy-induced Kinky curly loss, a phenomenon that is commonly associated with cancer in the general public. Among female cancer patients, 47% consider hair loss to be the most traumatic aspect of chemotherapy, with 8% saying they would refuse treatment out of fear of losing their hair during treatment.

    Lace wigs (bleaching, tinting, and plucking), preparation (measurements and attachments), construction (lace placement and shaping), installation (customization and styling), and brand strategy (marketing and branding tools) will be covered. Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded a lace certification.