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  • In addition, the successful completion of this project has provided Geely with a strong production guarantee for the future production of its pure-electric vehicles. The acquisition of automatic production lines with electric drive has also resulted in the expansion of Comau's design and manufacturing capabilities. It is anticipated that this knowledge will be put to use in the implementation of future initiatives.

    powder coating spraying production line was necessary, due to the complexity of the project, for the joint technical team to work in close collaboration with one another throughout the entire process. When Overhead Monorail Conveyor came to meeting Geely's high-volume production targets, Comau drew on its more than 45 years of experience in powertrain assembly. The company combined best-practice technology with process innovation to achieve Assembly Lines System high-volume production targets.

    When you look at the assembly line, each module represents a station that is in charge of adding another link to a growing molecular chain and then incorporating chemical modifications into that unit once it has been finished. As a polyketide progresses through each module, its size and complexity continue to grow and grow until  eventually rolls off the conveyor belt in its final form.

    By providing evidence for the hypothesis, a second paper, which was published in the same issue of Science as the first, lends support to the team's hypothesis that asymmetry aids in the transmission of directional selectivity along assembly lines. Cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography techniques were used by scientists from the University of Texas at El Paso, Cornell University, and SLAC to investigate a different polyketide synthase module in greater depth, according to the findings. They found an asymmetric, flexed-arm conformation in the results that was similar to the one observed in the previous study, according to the scientists who conducted this research.

    Two different tasks appear to be being performed by the turnstile's arm at the same time. Firstly,  serves as a physical barrier between the cell and the rest of the world, preventing incoming molecules from entering while one is currently processing. To achieve that asymmetrical position for the second time, the enzyme must use energy that has been stored in the flex of the arm, which means Assembly line must use more energy than before. As a result of the arm being returned to its normal state, which allowed the pent-up energy to be released, the team hypothesized that this could aid in propelling the final assembly stage of a molecule that is currently in the process of being constructed.

    Stellantis member company COMAU designed, built, and installed an automated e-drive assembly line for Geely Automobile Holdings at its Geely Veremt plant in Ningbo (China), which is now in operation. For the company's electric vehicles, this line will be used to complete the assembly of the electric motor, gearbox, and inverter that are currently in production. Geely is a leading manufacturer of high-performance electric vehicles with a focus on driving range and efficiency. Along with multiple robots for the installation of motor rotors, the automated line is equipped with features such as 3D vision positioning and guidance, automatic high-speed magnet installation, automatic injection of rotor cores, and automatic dual-position dynamic balance correction, magnetization, and a variety of other functions. Polyketides are the molecules in question, and they are a subset of a larger class of molecules that includes drugs and antibiotics among other things. Polyketides are synthesized by cells through the use of molecular assembly lines, which are enzymes that assemble molecules, known as synthases.