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    Taking the time to share with fans the step-by-step formula she used to achieve Hough's dimensional blonde was a thoughtful gesture on her part.  The formula she used was from the BlondeMe line from the hair-color brand Schwarzkopf.  A lightener, purple shampoo, and demi-permanent toner are all part of the collection.  Capri's bright, dimensional blonde was an inspiration for Hough's bright, dimensional blonde, which was in turn an inspiration for Capri's bright, dimensional blonde.  Because of Hough's before and after photos (which you can also bring to your colorist), we were reminded of why we requested babylights every summer when school let out in the fall and winter.  Following that, we can see Hough's quarantine grown-out bronde hair, which is followed by the fine white-blonde sparkles she achieved following her color appointment.

    It can be a full-time job in and of itself to maintain your color if you have naturally dark hair and have had highlights or lightening treatments done at some point.  There are a number of restrictions, including the fact that you are not permitted to wash your hair every day, use hot tools, or increase the moisture levels in your hair, among other things.  Once you've come to terms with the fact that you have highlighted hair, you'll realize that you'll have to make some adjustments to your hair care regimen.  You have arrived at the correct location, regardless of your skill level or whether you are a complete novice looking for expert advice and tricks.

    Prior to beginning to highlight dark hair, it is critical to consider your ultimate goal and determine the outcome you desire before beginning.  If you have dark human hair lace front wigs and want to color it, Richy Kandasamy, a Miami-based professional colorist and member of the R+CO Collective, recommends bleaching it or using a high lift tint, according to the R+CO Collective.  More effort will be required to lighten your starting shade to a more aesthetically pleasing shade of white the darker your starting shade was originally.  According to Jonathan Colombini, a L'Oréal Paris Celebrity Hair Stylist and L'Oréal Paris Celebrity Colorist based in Los Angeles, the underlying pigment, tone, and porosity of your highlight wigs for black women will be taken into consideration in order to achieve the results you desire.  Additionally, as previously mentioned, if you have recently dyed your human hair highlight wigs, it may take longer to achieve the results you desire. . He recommends that you be completely honest with your colorist in order for them to devise a strategy that will allow you to achieve your desired highlights while also preserving the health of your natural hair.

    To achieve the desired results, Kandasamy recommends that you use a blue shampoo to neutralize the color of your dark brown hair with brunette highlights in order to obtain the desired results.  To avoid brassy undertones, the stylist recommends toning brown hair with blonde highlights with a purple-based toner.  It is recommended that you use green shampoo and conditioner in order to keep your hair extension looking glossy and healthy.  When you have lowlights in your best transparent lace front wigs, or highlights that are a few shades darker than your base color, or if your colored wigs is a dark brunette color, this is especially important to remember!

    We spoke with three professional colorists to find out how to properly care for highlighted  so that your color remains vibrant and hydrated—there is no room for brassiness or dryness in this world—and so that your color remains vibrant and hydrated (there is no room for brassiness or dryness in this world).  Continue reading to find out more.