The effect of wig density on styling

  • The hair density of your wig unit is based on your personal preference and what you think will look best on you. The light-to-medium density combination, on the other hand, happens to be the most natural.

    What is the definition of light-to-medium virgin hair density? This density is achieved by ventilating the hairline (or the entire perimeter of the wig) with very light and thin hairs along the entire perimeter. If the client wants a wig with baby hair, this is a fantastic option.

    A moderately thicker (medium) construction will be used in the crown area of the wig in order to create a fuller appearance.

    Due to the fact that lighter densities will be much easier to style and appear more natural, this combination is extremely popular among daily wig wearers.

    Densities that are denser will require more effort to style. Not to mention the fact that there will be more products used to "style" the hair.


    According to the vendor chosen, one hair bundle1 weighs approximately 3.5 to 4oz (100 to 114 grams), depending on the length.

    It is a general rule of thumb that the "longer" the length of the bundle, the more 613 hair bundles you will need to complete the project.




    This is due to the fact that the longer the hair is, the shorter the weft. Keep in mind that the bundles are weighed to determine their size. Bundles of shorter length are more conveniently thicker than bundles of longer length. Typically, three bundles will be sufficient for the majority of hairstyles.

    Also, keep in mind that virgin malaysian hair wigs naturally thins out toward the roots, so more bundles may be required to achieve the desired level of volumization.

    • Is it possible to estimate how many bundles you will require to achieve your desired look?

    • Before making a purchase of hair bundles, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is it my intention to wear a Lace Frontal with a Silk Base Closure?

    • Is it going to be a full sew-in or am I going to leave my edges out?

    • What type of hair will provide me with a full, natural appearance?

    • How much hair is contained within a single bundle?

    • Is the weight of the hair distribution companies expressed as a bundle or a pack2?

    How many bundles will I require to achieve MY desired look?

    When determining how many hair bundles will be required to achieve the desired look, a variety of factors will be taken into consideration. Please keep in mind that your "desired look" is a personal preference, and that it may vary from one individual to the next.

    The size of your head and the length of your hair will have a significant impact on the appearance of your completed hairstyle, so choose wisely. Consider the following questions for yourself:

    • Is it possible for me to wear some of my natural hair out?

    • Approximately how many ounces are in my bundle, according to my supplier?

    • How many bundles will I need to purchase in order to achieve my desired look?

    • Is it my intention to wear a Lace Frontal, 360 Wig, or Silk Base Closure on this occasion?

    • According to the hair density chart, how many bundles will I require to create an authentic-looking wig or a full sew-in as shown on the chart?