Plasma preservation tube is a kind of direct drawing of whole b


    The plasma preservation tube is a blood collection tube that directly draws whole blood, and can stably store free DNA (cfDNA) and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) at room temperature, and stably store and transport it. Although there is only a small amount of cell-free DNA in the plasma of healthy people, the increase or decrease in the level of cell-free DNA in the blood circulation is related to many clinical diseases.

    The non-invasive prenatal screening for maternity, which is accepted and recognized due to its safety and accuracy, is to diagnose fetal genetic diseases through the detection and analysis of fetal free DNA in the maternal blood. The detection and analysis of circulating tumor DNA in human blood has created conditions for early tumor screening. At the same time, precision medicine for tumors becomes possible.

    The anticoagulant and cell preservative contained in the plasma preservation tube can stabilize nucleated blood cells, prevent the release of cell genomic DNA, inhibit the nuclease-mediated degradation of cell-free DNA, and contribute to the overall stability of cell-free DNA.

    The plasma preservation tube can also stably preserve circulating tumor cells (CTC).

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