Madden 22 celebrates the start of the NFL game with a free tria

  • With the start of the new NFL season this week, EA Sports announced that the free trial version of Madden NFL 22 will begin tomorrow and last until the weekend. The free trial starts on September 9th and ends on September 12th. This is a surprise for players. Players who have not yet purchased Madden 22 can experience it for free to decide whether to buy the game and buy Madden 22 Coins.

    EA also released some latest statistics about Madden NFL 22 players and the most popular teams in Madden NFL 22 so far. Compared with Madden NFL 21, the recently launched college football mode Campus Legends has led to a 600% increase in player participation in the Superstar KO mode. A large number of players are enjoying this mode and have bought many Madden 22 Coins for it.

    But EA did not announce any sales data for Madden NFL 22. Officials and publishers across the industry now tend to focus more on vague statistics around “participation” rather than hard sales figures. To improve the sales situation and attract players to Buy MUT Coins Madden 22, they must continue to improve the quality of Madden 22.

    To celebrate the start of the NFL season, the official also announced that the Madden NFL 22 MVP version now has a 25% discount. Madden NFL 22’s first seasonal event, Madden Moment: Ultimate Kickoff, will begin this weekend. There will be new challenges and equipment that can be unlocked. If they want to beat other players in the challenge, they can buy Madden 22 Coins to increase their gaming fun.