Path of Exile Expedition Tips and Tricks

  • The new league has begun, and challenging battles will flourish. The new league called Expeditions. In the league, players experience the fun of the game and can get many game rewards, such as POE Currency. Expeditions bring new game content and gameplay to players, as well as new Chaos Orb, new store NPCs and new items to collect. Players need to understand some details of Expeditions, and need to buy POE Currency, in order to seize the opportunity in the game.

    Expeditions introduced four new NPCs. They are the gambler Gwennan, the bargainer Tujan, the banker Roger and the Dannig warrior Skald. Everyone is a merchant, and if the player has the correct POE Currency, they can trade with them. They should note that each business executive has a distinct personality, and players need to deal with it carefully. Each merchant provides unique items, but they are very useful for players, so it is a wise choice to buy POE Currency before looking for a merchant.

    If players’ inventory is full, they can talk to NPCs or merchants to open the expedition locker and store fragments. The expedition log can be found at about level 34, and they can be produced and sold through POE Currency trading. These opened up a huge expedition map for players to get more rewards. Before proceeding to the next game content, players need to make sure that the inventory and other configurations have properly configured, otherwise it is recommended to go to buy POE Currency and prepare well.  

    Regarding Path of Exile’s game rewards, the white markers are almost worthless, and the orange and yellow markers are the best choices. The latter provides better rewards than white. As far as the current game situation is concerned, the rewards of Expeditions may not win some rare POE Currency for players. In other words, players should use these artifacts to trade with new merchants to get the best items. So in the absence of POE Currency, going directly to buy POE Currency will be the best choice.