3 features Madden 22 needs to have

  • Madden 22 is now fully online, and Madden players have downloaded the update and experienced the game for many days. Because of the increase in the selling price of this game this year, players have high expectations for this version. Therefore, even though Madden 22 has brought new and rich game content, players still put forward a lot of opinions on Madden 22. Madden developers are very concerned about this, to know that players’ satisfaction with the game will affect the use of Madden 22 Coins in the game and whether they will continue buying Madden 22 Coins.

    First, add a story mode to the version. A few years ago, Madden tried to add a complete campaign model. Since then, this idea has slowly evolved into a beautified creative player mode, attracting players to buy Madden 22 Coins. Players have been asking for a longer story, which includes mixed featured cut scenes that follow the character from the beginning, middle, and end. If EA can provide the stories players want, it will better keep Madden players.

    Second, add a season tracker for regular head-on confrontations. In Madden’s MUT mode, players can build their team by earning Madden 22 Coins For Sale that can purchase packs and players. The best part of MUT is the season tracker. Each player will play a few games, and if they win enough victories, they will enter the playoffs. After that, if they win a certain number in a row, they will win the Super Bowl. This model will keep people excited throughout the season. Unfortunately, this mode cannot use in any mode other than MUT. If they can add this feature to the regular online battle mode, Madden players may very satisfied, so they are more willing to buy Madden 22 Coins.

    Third, better AI. When players have played enough games in Madden, they will know exactly what the AI will do in every critical situation in every offline game. But in fact, AI actually makes some poor decisions that ordinary players will never make. For example, AI has a tendency to wait too long and then lose the game. Therefore, better AI will give players a better gaming experience. Otherwise, players may feel that using Madden 22 Coins is a waste, and even reluctant to buy Madden 22 Coins.