Introduction To The Advantages Of Open Rotary Printer Equipmen

  • Loss of some benefits of digital printing

    Perhaps the most prominent disadvantage of the open rotary printer is that you miss some of the advantages of digital printing:
    Infinite repeat length
    First printing time
    One of the major advantages of digital textile printing is its flexibility. In a rotary screen printing machine, once the screen rotates a full circle, the same design returns. This means you must use a design repeat length equal to the perimeter of the screen. Therefore, in the hybrid printing machine, the complete freedom of the repeat length of the digital textile printing will be reduced.

    In addition, it will take longer for you to print for the first time, because you must first engrave the silk screen in order to use the rotary station for printing. Even if you have your own engraving machine, this still takes several hours. However, if you have to outsource engraving, the time to print for the first time usually takes at least a few days, but it usually takes 1-2 weeks.

    Another difference between rotary and digital textile printing is that rotary screen printers are far from printing all the time. When you want to change the design, the previous screen must be removed, the solder paste must be taken out, the machine must be cleaned, and a new solder paste must be set. Because of this, rotary screen printers print fashion with relatively short run lengths per design, usually only about 25-50% of the time. The same is true for the Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory's hybrid printing machine, which offsets the biggest advantage of digital printing: its efficiency.