Introduction Of Flat Screen Printing Machine Printing

  • What is a duplex Stenter? The following editor will take you to understand.

    The advantage of double-station screen printing machine printing is that it is not restricted by the shape and size of the printed article. In the meantime, objects with only flat or curved spherical shapes can be printed by screen printing machines. For example, commonly used pens, cups and tea sets, circuit boards on household appliances, perhaps some electrical appliances, such as buttons on mobile phones, as well as pictures and trademarks on signs of clothes that are worn daily, as well as pictures on clothes and shoes, can all be used. Use silk screen printing machine to print.

    Larger objects such as text, pictures or logos on TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, can be printed with a screen printer. There are also commercial advertising signs, stickers, packaging, etc. that can be printed using screen printing technology. The industrial application of the screen printing technology of the screen printing machine is appropriate and universal.

    With the development of modern Flat Screen Printing Machine technology from time to time, industrial screen printing technology has completed automated unmanned printing. It has become accustomed to mass printing in modern industry, and has truly completed the role of unmanned automatic production, which greatly reduces the company’s Cost, improved production efficiency, and brought greater profit growth to the enterprise.