Features Of Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory

  •    Stenter can be divided into vertical screen printing machine, inclined arm screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, four-column screen printing machine, automatic screen printing machine and manual screen printing machine.

    The workflow of the screen printing machine:
       1. Use a squeegee to spread the ink on the screen.
      2. Use a squeegee to fix the angle and draw the ink smoothly to one side. At this time, the ink will be printed on the printed material due to penetration according to the pattern during screen manufacturing, and it can be printed repeatedly.
      3. The printing screen can be saved and used after washing.
    Screen printing machine applicable series: all kinds of plastics, cosmetic display stands, packaging boxes, metal plates, scale plates, acrylic, electronic product booths, household goods, stickers, leather transfer paper, various types of cups, barrels, glass, baseball Sticks, boards, etc. It can be used for the most beautiful and high-quality and efficient printing on flat and curved objects.
       Pad printers can be divided into automatic pad printers, monochrome pad printers, manual pad printers and so on.

    The principle of the pad printer is to first use the method of photo-making the pattern to be printed. The steel plate is made into an intaglio plate and then transferred to the printed material through a special silicone print head, and it can be specially prepared according to the material of the product. The ink, so that the quality is guaranteed.
    The process of the pad printer is divided into the following four points:
       1. The ink is evenly covered on the steel plate by a brush.

       2. The excess ink is scraped off by a scraping steel knife.
       3. Lower the print head to the steel plate to pick up the ink in the pattern.
      4. Move the print head down to the product to cover the pattern.
       Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory's pad printers are applicable to industries: plastic industry, toy industry, glass industry, metal industry, electronics industry, sporting goods, stationery industry, optical industry, IC packaging industry, etc. Scope of application of pad printer: ruler, pen, spherical object, doll eyes, watch, camera, hair dryer shell, ceramics, medical appliances, rackets, audio tapes, electronic parts, IC, CPU, DRAM, computer shells, buttons, decorative signs, Printing of mobile phone cases, etc.